Currently, the health services of the autonomous communities need to collect health information generated in their environment to be used for different purposes: organizational, administrative, research and assistance.

The data collected are located in repositories of clinical data, being these repositories the cornerstone on which it feeds the HCE.

On the other hand, both the central administration and the European have projects related to the Exchange and the common use of health information at different levels.

These directives are health systems to carry out the actions necessary to adapt their systems so that they can share and exchange electronic information.

Currently, most clinical services use HL7 to electronically exchange health information between their systems. However, the medical acts in these messages are identified by their codes and local descriptions, form that information systems may not fully understand or properly present data being exchanged.

Therefore, it is necessary to standarize.

  • In order to have interchangeable, integrated and comparable health information in the health Area.
  • Interact with the electronic health record.
  • Enable decision support systems. (CDSS)
    • Reduction of errors of interpretation to clinical and administrative level.
    • Reduction in duplication of medical acts
    • Comparability of clinical data.
    • Semantic interaction with other actors of the healthcare environment at national and international level, that allows to connect with:

– Central Administration
– Other regions
– Other countries
– Private health

Our 8 years experience in this sector, positions us as the leader in Spain in standardization of health care data through standards: SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10, NANDA-NIC-NOC, UCUM, and others.
BITAC is involved in major projects of EHR in the regions contributing specialized terminology services
We have methodology, knowledge and experience to deal with large-scale standardization projects.

  • Standardization projects in the history of e-health environments
  • Consulting in implementation of standards in e-health environments
  • Training SNOMED CT, LOINC and other terminologies
  • Study of transition ICD9-CM-> ICD10-CM/ICD10-PCS
  • Management of terminology in environments of CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System)