Toni Mas Mota

Professional profile: computer scientist, specialist in electronic data exchange.
Professional with extensive experience in the field of ICT, especially applied to the health sector.
An expert in standards for Exchange of clinical data: HL7, CDA and for the representation of clinical knowledge: SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD9, IC10, NANDA and others.
In 2008 he founded together with Mireia Rodríguez the company BITAC MAP, which operates in the e-health sector offering solutions to enable semantic interoperability in electronic data exchange and EHR (Electronic Health Record) integration projects.



Mireia Rodríguez Naqué

Professional profile: Biologist, specialist in clinical analysis
Professional experience in all areas: microbiology, biochemistry, Molecular Biology, coagulation, and process management in laboratoy, both in the public and private sector.
In 2008 he founded together with Toni more BITAC MAP SL, a company that operates in the e-health environment, specialized in terminological services to ensure semantic interoperability (implementation of terminological standards in electronic medical record projects: SNOMED CT, LOINC, NANDA, NIC and NOC,…).

Development of new business alliances related to the implementation of standards of clinical terminology. Focused on developing relationships with partners in order to generate added value for the clients.


Vicky Bérez

Professional profile: degree in chemistry.
Specialist in the clinical analysis environment, with more than 8 years of experience in laboratory coding, specialized in Molecular Biology. Expert knowledge of LOINC and SAM mapping tool.


Elisa Asensio 

Professional profile: degree in medicine and surgery. Specialization in medical documentation.
Expert in clinical terminology (representation of medical concepts): ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED CT.
Training in the implementation of standards environment. Consultancy in terminology servers and able to give training.


Gloria González Gacio

Professional profile: degree in biology. Degree in biochemistry. Specialist in clinical analyses. PhD in biology.
Responsible for the implementation of the LOINC, SNOMED CT, OMIM, ICD10 codings in the project of Industrial Research at BITAC, funded by the Ministry of economy and competitiveness “Torres Quevedo” PTQ-13-06022. Development of an application for the terminology standardization that will facilitate the integration, reuse or communication of clinical information from different sources in the fields of Molecular Biology and genomics, applied to the field of personalized medicine.


Ginger A Baker

Professional profile: Medical researcher, specialized in Clinical Computer Science.

Professional experience in all fields: POC, General Medicine Lab, expert in process engineering with LEAN Seis Sigma techniques, Clinical Computer Science aimed to achieve the goals promoted by ACA-ARRA HITECH American law.

In 2012, after experiencing a great frustration managing all multiple medical terminologies on her own, she joined the BITAC team. Defender of the quality and collaboration services, she understood that BITAC services could be of great help in the American market, specially in the Meaningful Use environment.