Set of terminologies of the nursing environment..

NANDA is a global force for the development and use of standardized terminology of nursing to ensure the safety of the patient through care based on the evidence, thus improving the health of all people care.

It is used to encode nursing environments. It is organized between 13 different hierarchies and contains 206 diagnosis.

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It collects the consistent with the diagnosis nurse nursing interventions, appropriate to the result we hope to obtain in the patient, and which include the actions that should be taken to achieve this end. The NIC uses a standardized and global language to describe treatments that nurses perform. It serves to communicate the essence of nursing care to others and helps to improve the practice through research.

It is structured in 3 hierarchy and contains 542 elements.

It incorporates a terminology and standardized criteria to describe and obtain results as a result of interventions nurses. These results represent the objectives that were raised prior to these interventions. Its content favours the optimization of information for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the care nurses with information provided through other classifications.

It is organized into 7 nests and has 385 results.