This terminology consists of concepts, terms and relationships in order to accurately represent the medical information. LOINC is a controlled vocabulary which aims to facilitate the Exchange and the integration of laboratory tests and clinical care and research records.

LOINC benefits:

  • Because it is the most widely used laboratory standard
  • Recommended by HL7
  • Because it is used in more than 150 countries
  • Because it is a pragmatic and open nomenclature to grow with the needs of the users
  • Because it is in a process of harmonization with SNOMED CT and RadLEx to have the related terminology


  • Database of more than 205,000 terms including
  • BITAC has proposed and registered more than 2000 new terms at the Regenstrief Institute, the American official institution responsible for ensuring LOINC.
  • Backed by le Regenstrief Institute which we recognize as the only Spanish company that collaborates in the development of LOINC.


Regenstrief Institute

The Regenstrief Institute is an organization without profit internationally dedicated to research in computer science and health environments. It is known worldwide for its contribution to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of health, prevention of medical errors, always ensuring the safety of the patient.

It was created in 1969 by philanthropist Sam Regenstrief in Indiana University – Indianapolis.

Undertakes to maintain and grow the LOINC database and provides a terminology (RELMA) management tool. He is also responsible for providing translations that users have developed in their native language.

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