The need for a standardized vocabularies is a must for communication and integration of health information.

However, the clinical laboratories generally use their own terminology and coding, making communication between them all difficult.

The use of a common terminology allows the exchange of clinical data between independent systems with the intention to improve patient care and facilitate research activities.

LOINC codes are standard international choice for clinical laboratory tests.

  • To share, integrate and compare laboratory data.
  • LOINC provides the level of detail necessary to avoid ambiguities in the interpretation.
  • Interact with the electronic health record – health services
  • Enabled decision support systems. (CDSS)
  • LOINC is the standard vocabulary adopted internationally in more than 150 countries.
    • Reduction of errors of interpretation to clinical and administrative level.
    • Reduction of duplication of request for analytical testing.
    • Reduction of resources devoted to the management of issues or integration incidences.
    • Comparability of analytical data.
    • Debugging of the catalogue of lab requests (NO duplicates, NO inconsistencies)
    • Compatible with other actors of the healthcare environment at national and international level, it will allow you to connect with:

-Reference laboratories

-Health insurance companies
-Health Services from regions within the country.

Our 8 years experience in this sector, positions us as the leader in Spain in standardization of laboratory data through standard LOINC. During this time we have provided more than 2,000 new references to LOINC standard collecting specific needs of our customers.

Tackle a project of mapping to LOINC demands, given its granularity, methodology, experience and knowledge of the database and a SAM tool.
BITAC is the perfect partner to launch its standardization of laboratory projects.

    • Study of the appropriateness of the catalogue to LOINC.
    • Mapping catalogs to LOINC and creation of synchronization mechanisms.
    • Training
    • Clinical documentation for prescribers with links to Pubmed’s Medline.
    • Terminology consulting.
    • Implementation of Server terminology
    • SAM (automatic Mapper LOINC) as SAAS services (software as a service) for mapping autonomously large volumes of test results by a use license

This methodology has turned in SAM. Our automatic mapping system (SAM) is a proprietary tool, based on intelligent algorithms for automatically mapping large volumes of test results to LOINC.