Dated 6 of July of 2015 the association of Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB) with 25 member organizations between universities has been constituted, hospitable institute, research centers of investigation, great scientific infrastructures,companies of the pharmaceutical, technological and bioinformatic sector, and other institutions. BITAC is one of the companies charter members of Bioinformatics Barcelona.

The bioinformatics is an investigation area in which computation sciences of the information for the biological data processing are applied to technology and. This multidisciplinary activity amplifies the potential of creation of knowledge and the transference of technology. The bioinformatics is used in all the areas of sciences of the life and has a deep impact in a wide range of fields, including health, food industry and the biotechnology generally.


In the last years it has become a science strategic to give sense to the enormous amount of data (big data) that does not stop to grow exponentially. It is in this sense that at the moment the great challenge of See-Scientist is to be able to manage and to operate all this avalanche of information and to transform it into new knowledge of socioeconomic impact.

BITAC would contribute their knowledge in normalization of clinical terminology to optimize the processes of data analysis within the surroundings of the genomic one related to the challenge that supposes the advance towards a customized medicine.

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