Bitac attended the VI Conference of the Society of Medical Documentation of Valencia which was held on May 29 2015 at the University Hospital of La Plana de Vila-real. We participated with the paper:
“Study of the impact of the transition from ICD-9 to CIE10ES MC (MC / PCS) in information systems for healthcare organizations.”

In this exhibition Bitac presented its methodology for change management to prepare for and successfully meet the transition from ICD-9-CM classification to ICD-10-EN on schedule (January 1 2016).
The implications of the adoption of the new classification affect, among other things, to the processes of the organization and training needs of the different stakeholders. But one of the points deemed critical by Bitac, where he focused his presentation, it is the process of analysis to identify information systems affected by the change, to what extent are ready or not and what impact will adapt the organization.