BITAC has participated in the 6th Annual Conference on Molecular Targets for Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer organized by the IMPCC (Institut de Medicina Predictiva I Personalitzada del Càncer) held from 8 to 10 April in the “Casa de la Convalescència” (Campus Hospital Sant Pau and Santa Creu) in Barcelona.


Recent advances in genome technology have made it possible to identify all the genetic and epigenetic alterations accumulated in cancer cells during carcinogenesis. Based on the knowledge obtained from these studies, several inhibitors specific to activated and/or mutated gene products have been developed and applied to treat cancer patients carrying specific somatic genetic and epigenetic alterations. The integration of this type of treatment in clinical practice has greatly improved the prognosis of patients with cancer. Molecular markers are important for the classification of various cancers, in particular to define the treatment strategy for each patient.


Furthermore, it has been possible to identify many genetic polymorphisms associated with susceptibility to several types of cancer in genome-wide association studies. This knowledge will be applicable in the near future to the development of novel ways to predict cancer and eventually prevent it in individuals at high risk. For these reasons it is very important to identify molecular targets useful for cancer prediction, prevention, diagnosis and personalized treatments.

This major international conference in Cancer Medicine has gathered the most important scientists worldwide both in the field of basic research and clinical research. We’ve discussed the recent advances in the study of molecular targets applied to the field of predictive and personalized cancer medicine.

Also noteworthy is the poster sessions with 33 works of outstanding scientific interest.